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A sofa before and after re-upholstering A dark purple coloured headboard

Bespoke upholstering for even the most awkward of furnishings

With our many years of experience, we can apply our upholstery skills to a wide range of unconventional, slightly more challenging furnishings; that other firms may turn down. Our bespoke upholstery service is designed to create and restore lovely, attractive items - no matter what the task may be.


We provide bespoke upholstering for both domestic and commercial clients in Bridlington, Hornsea and much of East Yorkshire. We also create unique upholstery for cars and caravans.

Professional, first class upholstering for truly unique furnishings

Ian Watson Upholstery provides a bespoke upholstering service that is designed to tackle even the most unique of pieces.


“We are absolutely delighted with the outcome of the work.” - Carol (via Yell.com)

To find out how we can provide assistance with your upholstery needs, email us or call: 01262 609 892

A caravan thats been totally reupholstered Before example